From the recording Thanks Y'all


Ain’t no Freedom
 by Tony Manard
We got textbooks replacing science with Noah’s Ark
30 Pieces of silver for our national parks
Folks in Flint Michigan 
ain’t got clean water to drink
The grocery store selling us poison
24 hour news got you worried about Muslims
The road to ruin is the path of anger and fear
Ain’t no freedom, till everybody is free
aint no freedom, till everybody is free
Ain’t no mercy, till everybody got some
ain’t no mercy, til everybody got some
Ain’t no love now, till everybody got love
ain’t no love now, till  everybody got love
Land of the free and the home of the brave
Working ourselves into an early grave
They show you the dream, then they take it away
Say "When I was your age I bought a home"
To a young lady drowning in
Her student loans
Cutting off your own nose
Just to spite your face
Land of the brave and home of the free
Only for people that clap on 1 and 3
Can't put a price on Freedom
Even though its something you have to buy
A bunch of bankers knocked the world on its ass
You want to put a kid in jail over a bag of grass
Barrio , ghetto, or reservation
Out of site out of mind