I never made it to where I thought I was going.

I never made it to where I thought I was going.


I was 2 days behind schedule and 2 days without sleep.

I was existing on coffee, antacids and truck stop uppers.

I was staring at eggs, sunny side up, Staring back at me

My radiator pouring steam in the parking lot


He walked in unnoticed

There was something unsettling, but at the same time comforting about his presence.

a man out of place, not so much in space, but in time

He could have been from anywhere, but more likely, nowhere


He took a seat opposite me in the little booth

Plucked a cigarette from the pack in my shirt pocket

Lit it up, despite the signs

Nobody seemed to notice


We sat in silence.

I ate my eggs. He poured coffee in a cup

2 creams, 2 sugars

His clothes were threadbare but clean


I dropped a twenty on the table, he nodded toward the door.

I followed as he walked to the edge of the lot.

Through a tarp curtained hole in the fence, into the woods

In the darkness before dawn


As we walked, he began to speak in a monotone drawl

“I used to think freedom was a house with a swimming pool,

 but it’s a pile of truck tires and a hidden watermelon patch,

when you don’t have anything, nothing is required of you”


We came to a clearing and sat down.

I leaned against a tree, and soon fell asleep,

I woke to the late morning sun in shafts through the trees.

He was gone.


I never made it where I thought I was going

Don’t guess anyone ever does

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