50 Dollar



Recently I submitted this song to the NPR Tiny Desk contest. While I seriously doubt my status as a contender, it was a lot of fun and I hope to do more videos.  I have been questioned as to exactly how true this tale is. The answer is absolutely, form the perspective of my 12 to 13 year old self! Growing up one of the things we did was hustle old cars. My brother and I both had ’66 Chevelles and my parents still have their ’67 droptop that this hobby partially funded. My Dad would find cars driving around in the course of his job and we would go back after work and purchase them.  We scavenged the parts we needed for our cars and sold what we could of the rest. The sweat equity allowed us to build our own cars for considerably less. This particular car we managed to get running and kept that way for awhile, we drove it around my Grandmother’s pasture like maniacs until it eventually just gave out. We called it 50 Dollar because that’s what we paid for it and “remember that time we bought a car and the guy was maybe dead” doesn’t roll off the tongue.

Anybody that knows my Dad knows he’s a bit of a larger than life character. All my friends call him Pop, and in one way or another he’s taken them all into his wider circle of shady but generally good characters. This is where my love for these characters and tales come from. It amazes me that he just recently took up reading fiction for pleasure, when he has spent a lifetime gathering the craziest misfits and stories anyone could imagine. I’m a decent mechanic, I can weld, shoot, drive a stick and all kinds of things a man should be able to do, but I think the best thing I got from my Pop is the ability to find an endless source of fascination in the elastic truths in the tales of all the characters he taught me to appreciate. Even when those characters are us!


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