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Farmer's Markets, Revisiting relationships with food and art 

The Mrs. just showed me a Facebook memory from this day last year, playing at a farmers market, wearing the same blue shirt and cowboy hat that I wore yesterday, playing at a farmer's market. I like farmer's markets for lots of reasons. Yesterday we were at a fairly new one in Water Valley, MS. I can't quantify it, but it feels like its just easier to connect in the small towns. I don't just mean performer to audience, but person to person. It was a relatively small market, but while I played, I watched… Read more

Guess that makes me the winner. 

Had the honor of being a finalist in the Small Hall Songwriting competition this past weekend. I have had some well meaning consolation for not winning. The fact is, I did. My song was one of 10 chosen from 65. I got some frank, and somewhat hilarious feedback from on old school pro songwriter (Tommy Barnes). My wife and daughter came down with me. I blew a few dollars in my favorite bookstore (Off Square Books). I made some new friends that I think will be keepers. I heard 9 songs that make we want to… Read more

When you close your eyes, you assume things. When you open your eyes, you see things. 

When you close your eyes, you assume things. When you open your eyes, you see things.




This was the line I jotted down last night.




I took my niece Alexys to the Beautiful Bee's Daddy Daughter dance at Fox Meadows elementary school. I got a lot of 'how sweet" and whatnots. The truth is, I was the one that got my cup filled. I adore her, and her sassy little sister. The fact that I was her first choice was a big boost to the ego. Seeing my name as "King" Tony under "Princess" Alexys  on a… Read more

Notes from the road, Joshua Tree 

4/15/18 Its our last full day in Joshua Tree. Played the Joshua Tree Saloon yesterday. Cool, laid back joint with great fish tacos. The lady who booked me, Leslie, played a fantastic song about "Cat Nip" on my guitar. Our old friend Danny from the Coffee Cellar (pre-kid) days came. It was good to see him. I self rate the performance as average. Caught some friendly faces, but too much distance from the audience, and too much sun, made it all very hard to read. I closed out with "Return of the Grievous… Read more

Notes on Songwriting (for Nancy Apple's U of M Songwriting class) 

I was invited to speak to Nancy Apple's songwriting class at the University of Memphis. This started as bullet speaking points and turned into what you see here. I spoke extemporaneously, joined by my musical amigo Cecil Yancy. These were my notes.   First I would like to congratulate you on being brave enough to undertake a class in songwriting. I'm assuming you are writing songs and turning them in or presenting them. Most people would rather cook bacon naked than to put themselves out there like that… Read more

Mine for truths, question motives 

I got a Kindle awhile back. I avoided it for years. Like a stage coach railing at a steam locomotive, I clung to my paper books. In my work life, I find myself in a lot of hurry up and wait situations, and most of these in dim lit rooms, so the Kindle has significantly increased the amount of reading I do. It has also decreased the amount of mindless social media consumption I do, but more on that later. Last night, I started thinking about the Carlos Casteneda books I loved when i was but a wee weirdo…

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Asking Questions 

I'm not one for reflection at prescribed times (or anything at appropriate times for that matter.) Yeah, today is the day for it, but that's not my style. Its 10 degrees outside, even the dogs don't want to go out.  My fingers are even less cooperative than usual, so the guitar is just an exercise in frustration, so here I am, reflecting, at the prescribed time. I'm not trying to act like I'm above the cliché, oh far from it. I have made all kinds of specific goals and broad declarations in years past… Read more

Manicures and Memories 

Confession time. I got a manicure. I liked it. As a guitar player that engages in a fair amount of manual labor, I fuss over my nails, a lot. I am a finger picker, by necessity. A flat pick slides right through my fingers. I never got the hang of those picks that slip over your fingers, so it's finger nails. Now before you jump to any conclusions (if you haven't already), I'm not particularly fancy, or particularly particular about my appearance. I'm a function over form kind of guy. Most of my clothes…

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New Orleans in the vicinity of Mardi Gras 2017 

Had the good fortune to be in New Orleans for some of this year’s Mardi Gras festivities. Me, Shane Essary and Harry Koniditsiotis went down on Thursday and left on Monday (Mardi Gras being Tuesday). We were there under the guise of working on Harry’s documentary, “Who the Hell is Alfred Medley” (check it out here). We stayed with Harry’s folks in Metarie. I’m not sure if guise is the right term. We did get the interview we went for. We caught some parades and had a good, relaxing time. We’re old friends…

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Now what? 

I voted. That is my right. That is my duty. I voted my conscience, or at least as best as I could given the choices. I voted with my family. I secured my right to comment with that vote.


I don’t think the world will end because of the outcome, but I am disturbed by the breakdown in civility it illustrates. Do I tell my kids their vote doesn’t count? Certainly not, even though we cast them knowing full well where the electoral votes for our state would go. The fact that an entrenched, career politician… Read more