Waffle House, West Memphis

The lady in the booth behind me is crying into her scattered, smothered, and covered. It’s none of my business but there it is. She is obviously a regular here. The waitress sits down with her and the story pours…



The least famous ghost in New Orleans 

Treads the rickety stairs Past the 2nd floor with the concubines  To the third where the man sleeps with his wife Wipes his brow and prays over his pillow  It's not him of…

A Tale of Two Orange Mounds

Note: I have had this one floating around for a bit. I have hesitated to share because  neither of the men discussed are ones to seek attention. Nevertheless, I feel the story is one worth sharing, if only to highlight…


God don't come to Mississippi

God don’t come to Mississippi, at least not often. I was 5 maybe 6. Grandma carried me to Aunt Nancy’s to play with my cousin Jennifer, about my age. It was summer. A thunderstorm came up. It was sound and…

"Are you going to the end of the world?"

“Are you going to the end of the world?” the lady behind the counter at the Arkansas welcome center asked.

I played a few shows in Clarksdale, MS recently. On the way back to Memphis I decided to go through…

Crippling Self Doubt and Copy Machines

When we were in the 9th grade my friend Scott Pejaver and I decided we were going to start an underground newspaper. Why not? We were already a couple of brown skinned, dorky attention whores, and this was just another…


Talking Judsonia, Arkansas Blues



Let me start by saying I have nothing against the town of Judsonia or the state of Arkansas. This just happened to be the setting for the classic coming of age tale of two hapless dudes in a broke down…


I never made it to where I thought I was going.

I never made it to where I thought I was going.


I was 2 days behind schedule and 2 days without sleep.

I was existing on coffee, antacids and truck stop uppers.

I was staring at eggs, sunny side up…


50 Dollar



Recently I submitted this song to the NPR Tiny Desk contest. While I seriously doubt my status as a contender, it was a lot of fun and I hope to do more videos.  I have been questioned as to exactly…


Tin Roof Lullaby


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Its Thanksgiving and I’m back in the red clay hills of North East Mississippi under a cold blanket of a thousand stars.  My parents retired and moved down here , where we spent the weekends when…