Downtown Still Life

Tony Manard

Last summer I got the chance to record some stuff at the most famous recording studio in the world. We weren't particularly well rehearsed. I didn't have any idea what we were going to do with what we recorded (still don't). Musn't be too precious about these things. We were there for a long, magical night. I hope you can hear how much fun we had!

Tony Manard - Vocals, Guitar Cecil Yancy - Vocals Brian Mulhearn - Guitar Carlos Gonzalez - Mandolin Evan Farris - Piano Bubba John Bonds - Drums Jimmy Stephens Jr. - Bass Vinnie Manard - Piano, Hammond B3 Nancy Apple - Vocals on "End Times" Crockett Hall Vocals on "Don't"

Photo by Danny Day MEP

Recorded by Crockett Hall

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    Don't 4:14
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    $50 2:49
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