Thanks Y'all

Tony Manard & The Big Ole Band

Rootsy, jammy, and a little retro from a crew of Memphis misfits!

The Big Ole Band began at a one off release show for Tony Manard's "Know Why" in 2017. They had such a good time they thought they should do it again. They've been bringing their high energy show to clubs and festivals around the area ever since. The band takes the traditional rock and roll line up of guitar, bass, drums and keys, and adds mandolin, dobro, and driving fiddle. They blend elements of rock, blues, country, Memphis soul, and Appalachian folk music into a sound Radio Memphis' Gerald Morgan describes as "Stax in the back of a pickup truck." Peppy, soulful, a little twangy, and most of all, fun! We're proud to present our first LP "Thanks Y'all" recorded at Five and Dime in Memphis. Also included is the protest song "Ain't No Freedom" recorded live at historic Clayborn Temple. The Big Ole Band is Tony Manard, Cecil Yancy, Alice Hasen, Carlos Gonzalez, Brian Mulhearn, Evan Farris, Vinnie Manard, Jimmy Stephens jr, and Stephen Chopek, along with a host of musical friends.

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