When you close your eyes, you assume things. When you open your eyes, you see things.




This was the line I jotted down last night.




I took my niece Alexys to the Beautiful Bee's Daddy Daughter dance at Fox Meadows elementary school. I got a lot of 'how sweet" and whatnots. The truth is, I was the one that got my cup filled. I adore her, and her sassy little sister. The fact that I was her first choice was a big boost to the ego. Seeing my name as "King" Tony under "Princess" Alexys  on a personalized snowflake invitation was fun. The home points didn't hurt either. 




I always told my kids to approach situations where you are the social outsider as an anthropologist. Observe with as little judgment as you can. I will tell you what I saw.




I saw some teacher's turn a lunch room into a ballroom.




I saw more cuteness than I could stand. 




I saw 30 men being 100% there for 30 little girls. Fathers, Uncles, Grandfathers, Brothers, Family Friends . Men with neck tattoos and corn rows. Men with gray hair and old wingtips. Men who struggled with the language. Men who were putting in the full time work. Men who showed up when they were needed, just because she asked. 




I saw two refrigerator sized police officers, on their own time, put on rubber gloves and serve cheese cubes and fruit to little princesses. ("Its hot in here", wipes sweat, dabs eyes)




I saw hard looking dudes getting misty eyed, bending down to slow dance with their princesses.




I saw guy's getting their Stacy's scuffed up putting the tables back, so they could serve breakfast in the cafeteria in the morning.




I was proud to stand up with these men.




I was proud to eat pink cupcakes with these men.




I was proud to line up shoulder to shoulder in the soul train line with these men for 4 plays of Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely," while every Princess was announced, danced down the center, and got her picture taken.




I saw the best of what we could be, in what some call the worst of places. 




When you close your eyes, you assume things. When you open your eyes, you see things.


Tisha Baker May 10, 2018 @05:37 pm
I am proud to say you are my family. You are firm when necessary but soft and tender when needed. What else could a mother, wife, daughter, niece or cousin ask for in a man. You blow me away. Love you to pieces.
Karen May 10, 2018 @03:05 pm
I am a blubbering mess here reading this. I love you more now for you than ever before. Thank you for sharing you❣️
Sarajane May 10, 2018 @02:33 pm
when the eyes of our hearts are fully in focus...thanks Tony!

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