I voted. That is my right. That is my duty. I voted my conscience, or at least as best as I could given the choices. I voted with my family. I secured my right to comment with that vote.


I don’t think the world will end because of the outcome, but I am disturbed by the breakdown in civility it illustrates. Do I tell my kids their vote doesn’t count? Certainly not, even though we cast them knowing full well where the electoral votes for our state would go. The fact that an entrenched, career politician lost to an outsider and a proud misogynist, bigot and bully proves that every vote does count, for better or for worse. 


I will let others try to figure out what happened, I have an idea, but it is based on my own experience with disenfranchised people, and may not reflect the larger reality. I earned the right to state my opinion with my vote and I will use that tiny soap box to say this:


Conversation will never be more important.


Art will never be more important.


Music will never be more important.


Comedy will never be more important.


Film will never be more important.


Dance will never be more important.


Calling out bigotry, misogyny and hatred will never be more important.


Calling out greed and corruption will never be more important.


Connecting with people that have  different ideas and come from different backgrounds than ourselves will never be more important.


Turn off the tv. Get off the computer. Leave your house. Quit listening to the echo chamber in your phone. Go out in the world, and stay there until you see the humanity in every person who does not look like you, talk like you, or think like you. You don’t have to agree with them, or change their minds, but see them as a being struggling just like you.


We won’t lose our freedom to politicians or invaders, we will lose it to hate.


Love is the only way we can be free.




Mark November 09, 2016 @11:23 pm
Very True and Connected Thoughts. To Quote Jimi Hendrix ; " When the Power of Love Overcomes the Love of Power; the World will know Peace. " And Yes Little Johnny it is True....... LOVE Trumps Hate Everytime !!!!!!!

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