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Tony Manard at Memphis Made Taproom

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Tony Manard
  • Tony Manard

This Saturday, March 5, local musician and singer-songwriter Tony Manard will unveil his latest solo effort, Sedan deVille Season 1, with a release party at the Memphis Made Taproom. Recorded entirely in a broken down 1964 Cadillac Sedan deVille in Manard’s back yard, the album presents a loose narrative inspired by hypothetical tales of hitchhikers, travelers, and the open road.

“I have been fooling around with old cars since I was a kid,” says Manard. “My Dad would buy old cars 
that we would part out or fix up. One of the best parts of dragging home an old car is going through the 
trunk and the glove box. Old receipts and things left behind give a glimpse into the lives lived in the car. I 
started thinking of the Cadillac songs as stories told either by the driver or various passengers. The things 
you talk about on long drives, or the conversations you have with yourself on the road. The theme of an 
episodic serial started to emerge, every song a story or conversation that I would imagine being told in 
the car. I took it a step further by introducing the series as a whole, and each song as an episode. It made 
me think about radio plays, and it seemed to fit with the riding around in an old Cadillac theme.”

Here is a clip of Manard performing “Come Up,” a cut from Sedan deVille Season 1, inside the car: 

The entire album is available for streaming/purchase here.

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tony manard - sedan deville season one

memphis, tennessee singer/songwriter tony manard recorded his latest album in a non-functional cadillac deville in his backyard. it sounds down-home, the production constrained by the car to his gritty voice and a couple tracks of country blues picking. tony also added a narrative frame...the songs serve as episodes in a series, telling the stories of different characters who may have ridden in the deville.

i think tony found the right muse in this broken down icon of the american road. there is a real atmosphere to this album. recommended. it also has really great bandcamp liner notes.
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