Tony Manard

I am an observer of the human condition. I am a teller of tales, and a singer of songs. I am a family sized bucket of deep fried contradictions and dirty jokes. I like most dogs, and some people. I have spent my entire life in the capitol of Mississippi, Memphis. My friend Libby says I speak in jailhouse tattoos (full disclosure, I have never been incarcerated).  I guess it makes the bio awkward, but I don’t speak about myself in the third person. I wouldn’t mind but there is no third person, there is me, and for the sake of art I would like to keep this mostly honest. I am married. I have two children and two dogs. I answer my own messages, and write my own songs. I’m not young, attractive or cool. I probably should have had someone else write this.

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  • May 12
    Pizza Grocery,  Corinth
  • May 13
    Old Millington Winery,  Millington
  • Jun 27
    Lafayette's Music Room,  Memphis
  • Jul 25
    Lafayette's Music Room,  Memphis
  • Aug 29
    Lafayette's Music Room,  Memphis


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