"Ain't No Freedom" Tony Manard and the Big Ole Band recorded live at Clayborn Temple in Memphis, TN 

Directed by Christian Walker 


"Ain't No Freedom" recorded live at Clayborn Temple in Memphis, TN on Feb 15 2019 Directed by Christian Walker

an Inherent Media Production http://weareinherent.com

Christian Walker - Director - http://bestrevengepictures.com

Jared B. Callan - Director of Photography / Editor

Stef Allan - Camera Operator

Spencer Lucas - Grip

Audio Recording - Walt Busby

The building at the corner of Hernando and Pontotoc started its' life as Second Presbyterian in 1893. It was purchased by the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) in 1949 and renamed Clayborn Temple for AME Bishop Jim Clayborn. The church became a rally point for civil rights activities. It was where the iconic "I am a man" signs were distributed for the 1968 Sanitation Worker's strike. The building's unique architecture and history are being preserved for future generations. I encourage you to learn more about Clayborn and the civil rights movement in Memphis. Check out the new “I am a man” plaza beside the church. Get involved! Want to help? Donate here: https://cfgm.iphiview.com/cfgm/Donors...http://www.cfgm.org/clayborn

This song started its' life as a chorus floating around in my head that I brought to the band at a jam session. It was compelling, but I didn't know how to flesh it out. I started going through injustices and threats to freedom with the idea that things would rotate out to stay current and topical. I had no idea that 2 years later Flint, MI would still have a water crisis. Here, a year past the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's mountain top speech and, ultimately, his assassination, it is evident that we are not holding up our end of the bargain. The song was born of that frustration. The song is a staple of our live shows. I never had any intention of making a studio recording of it. It just wouldn't have the energy. When the stars aligned and we got an opportunity to do it at Clayborn, I jumped at the chance. I made a call to my friend, and filmmaker, Christian Walker, who directed a fantastic set of videos for Beale Street Caravan last year. He agreed to sign on, and enlisted Jared Callan and the Inherent Media crew. I think this is proof of the kind of work they do! Stef Allan was also conned in to lending his fantastic eye. I talked my friend Walt Busby in to doing the audio recording, as we performed the song live and shot the video all on the same day. Walt is a renaissance man, songwriter, performer, engineer, photographer, you get the picture. Like most independent artists, "I get by with a little help from my friends." This took a lot of friends. On top of Big Ole Band regulars, I wanted to enlist a choir of friends to help us get the message out. BOB harmony and hype man Cecil Yancy contacted his friend (and now mine!) Tony Barnshaw Dickinson to sing and help us out with getting the parts just right. Tony is a songwriter and musician who has worked with some of the top gospel choirs, as well as his own bands. Annie Freres and Kathleen Quinlen added their beautiful voices to Tony and Cecil's. I had a hard time remembering to sing listening to them!

Big Ole Band: Alice Hasen - Electric Violin, Annie Freres – Vocals, Brian Mulhearn – Guitar, Carlos Gonzalez – Mandolin, Cecil Yancy – Vocals, Jimmy Stephens jr – Bass, Kathleen Quinlen – Vocals, Stephen Chopek – Drums, Tony Barnshaw Dickerson – Vocals, Tony Manard - Vocals and Guitar, Vincent Manard - Organ

"Choir" Amber Rae Dunn, Andrea Pigue Manard, Andrew Hastings, Asayah Young, Beth Larsen, Bill Pichette, Chessie Manard, Damion "Yella P" Pearson, David Scott Adams, Debbie Stephens, Jessi Dalton, Kristi Duncan, Kristopher Hutchens, Richard Day, Richard Wilson, Stephen McKee, Steve Likens, Tory Bohl, Weston Sherman Special Thanks!

Clayborn Temple: Exec Director Anasa Troutman, Dir of Programs Gregory Thompson, Dir of Operations Rosalyn Regina Nichols, Building Maintenance Derrick Sprouse, Adm Asst Devon Carruther

Anne Mulhearn for letting a bunch of musicians invade her home, and feeding them! Tracey Rowe - for giving those stars a little nudge when they didn't look like they were gonna line up 😉 All the friends that were there in spirit, even if their bodies had to be somewhere else Derrick Sprouse at Clayborn for opening up the building, reminding me to slow down, and the stories you shared when we were the last two in the building. I will be forever grateful. More at http://tonymanard.comhttps://www.facebook.com/TonyManardMu... Full Length Album Summer 2019





Cooper Young Festival 2018

Big Ole Band Full Set!

Out Now!!!


These songs have been in the works for a few years. They grew up in beer joints, and songwriter nights, in coffee shops, and on porches. They grew up through the cracks of family, friendships, work, survival, and the sometimes difficult choices that come with being a “grown up.” They grew from the hard packed ground, of a hard ass town, that I am proud to call home. The title “Know Why” is a play on the common misspelling of my last name, kind of a goof, but it does raise a fundamental question. The fact is, I don’t know why. We do what we do because we have to. 
There are many ways for an artist to create "buzz" for their latest offering. Pre-orders, media, gimmicks, custom marketing plans and promotions. I didn't do any of these things. I'm not knocking it. I sometimes wish I had the resources or the talent, or the ability to talk about myself in the third person, but I just don't have it in me. With the help of some talented friends, I made the most honest record I could. I used the resources available to me. I enjoyed every part of the process. I present it to you without apology.

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